You are about to view a draft copy of the Canoe Guide to Western Pennsylvania. We ask that you read rivers that you have recently canoed and let us know if the writeup is corect and /or any changes.

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On Judgment and Personal Responsibility (Disclaimer)

This guide has been compiled as an aid to recreational canoeists. It tries to present accurate descriptions of these rivers and creeks. However, we are human, and rivers change with time, and we occasionally receive incorrect information. The suggestions in this guide can be invalidated by water and weather conditions, by the skill of your paddling party, and by changes in the rivers themselves. No individual has run all of these streams, and on some we only have a report of one individual.

Therefore we can not take responsibility for incorrect data, omissions, changes in the rivers, or for other problems encountered through the use of this guide. Each paddler who sets forth on a river assumes personal responsibility, not only for his or her own safety, but also for the safety of others on the trip. Ultimately, your safety depends mostly on your own common sense and good judgment.

Under no circumstances do we recommend that you trespass on private land or violate any laws. Nor do we recommend that you do anything dangerous. River recreation activities have intrinsic risks, for which you must assume responsibility. Many of the rivers in this guide require whitewater skills and you should develop an appropriate level of personal skills before attempting to paddle any river.

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